The perspective, feedback, and accountability leadership teams need to break out of survival mode and experience the thriving life you desire.

Because the impact you want to make – on your company, with your customers, for your family, in your community – is yours for the taking.


It's time to discover what #thrivetoday means to you!

Is. your leadership team ready to bust out of survival mode and create real impact within and outside of your organization? Do you know what you want to create but you need a little help turning it into reality?

You're in the right place.

The Thriving Executive is an innovative training+coaching experience designed to help leadership teams elevate their influence – within their organizations and beyond. Imagine this:

  • Getting your hands on the exact tools, processes and resources that have helped the MJST team and hundreds of our clients experience real change.
  • Discovering the power of perspective, feedback and accountability in real time.
  • Learning how small shifts, made consistently, can create the real impact – for yourself and others.

The Thriving Executive is for your leadership team:

+ You have goals and benchmarks, but you have a hard time reaching them. You want to shift your experience, but you need someone to help you stay accountable.

+ You have high performers who sometimes fall into survival mode – just getting by or doing just enough.

+ You're looking for growth out of individuals on your team that you know can make an even greater impact!

+ You refuse to believe that professional and personal success must come at the cost of one or the other. You know that a whole-person approach to life is possible, but you need some feedback on how to make that happen.

+ You want to impact your family, your customers, your company, your family and your community at a higher level and you need outside perspective to help you see what's possible. You have the desire, but you need the guide.

"The content is amazing! Mark discussed areas I thought I was doing pretty well in, but the way he projected it made me realize I could take a different approach and improve on things. Personally, I took far more from him vs. other speakers because he kept us engaged and didn't toss a PowerPoint in front of us and read from the exact same content."


High-Impact Live Event

The Thriving Executive kicks off with a two-day, live event where participants will discover:

  • The value of a whole-person approach to growth and development
  • How our stories about ourselves and others impact our ability to lead, personally and professionally
  • The things that fundamentally motivate behavior – both for ourselves and those we lead
  • How we can leverage our natural energizers for greater productivity and personal satisfaction
  • The consistent process we all go through on the path from surviving to thriving – and how to take advantage of that path to create more of the results we want


Small-Group Accountability Coaching

Following the live event, participants are assigned to accountability groups for 12 weeks of coaching support (9 one-hour sessions over three months). In coaching, you will:

  • Apply what you learned in live training to real-world situations in order to take advantage of opportunities and overcome challenges
  • Get feedback and perspective from your coach about past experiences in order to more purposefully design future outcomes
  • Lean on your coach and fellow group members for accountability, to make sure you're talking the talk AND walking the walk

"Most people are taught that your personal life and professional life should be separate and shouldn't impact each other. This training shows the importance of first taking care of yourself, in order to be your best at work."

Why join The Thriving Executive training+coaching experience? 

It's not always easy to make change on your own. With MJST's help, however, you'll discover that it's possible to create real results, in real time, with a real impact to your life and business. Don't settle for survival mode – uncover what it can feel like to #thrivetoday.

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